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Anthon hosts fundraiser for Regional Cancer Care Center

by Heidi Hood, Uvalde Leader News Staff Writer At Anthon Elementary, staff members Norma Jean Sandoval and Brenda Mueller are working with the students to raise money for the Regional Cancer Care Medical Center.

At Anthon Elementary, staff members Norma Jean Sandoval and Brenda Mueller are working with the students to raise money for the Regional Cancer Care Medical Center. 

There are several fundraisers in the works, but the one fundraiser that has been a steady presence since the beginning of the year has been the collection of cans for recycling.

“We’ve been collecting cans since Sept. 15,” explained Muel­ler, pointing to a poster on the wall of Anthon’s cafeteria that tracks the amount of money raised so by collecting cans.

As of Monday, the number hovered right around the $400 mark. The effort to raise money with the cans will last throughout the year, and Sandoval and Muel­ler are hoping that other schools in the Uvalde school district, and the area around Uvalde, will jump onto the bandwagon.

“We want to challenge all those schools to raise money for the cancer center,” Sandoval said.

The regional cancer center will be just that, regional, and Sando­val and Mueller said they hope that by presenting the challenge to other schools even more money can be raised for the center.

“The center will serve this entire area,” Sandoval said, con­tinuing by explaining that the staff and student body at Anthon are raising funds for it, and so should other schools in the region.

The idea to raise money for the regional cancer center at Anthon came about in several different ways.

Sandoval said that she heard former Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe speak on the radio about the need for the regional cancer center. He also asked for the community to help in raising funds for the center.

“I heard that and thought, we need to do something,” Sandoval said.

But the decision to raise money was also more personal than hearing the former governor speak about the cancer center. 

Both Sandoval and Mueller explained that they have personal reasons for wanting to get involved, reasons that include having family members that have had cancer or have died from cancer. In addition, the women spoke about a staff member at Anthon who was diagnosed with cancer last year and has been going through chemotherapy this year.

Sandoval said that when they were introducing the fundraising idea to the students, they explained this teacher’s experience with cancer, which gave the students a more personal understanding of what cancer is.

Sandoval and Mueller also had Sheri Rutledge from Uvalde Memorial Hospital come to the school and talk about the cancer center.

“She told the kids about the cancer center, what it meant and how they can help,” explained Sandoval. 

The original idea was to dedicate 10 percent of proceeds from every fundraiser that takes place at Anthon this year.

“That hasn’t exactly worked out,” Sandoval said.

But there are several ideas that have worked out, and worked out well, like the cans for cancer the two are running with the help of students and staff at Anthon.

The idea to use money from recycled cans was something that Sandoval and Mueller came up with at the same time.

Mueller and Sandoval pick up cans on Monday and take them to the recycling center either here in Uvalde or in Del Rio. 

The response has been so tremendous that Mueller said that she has a two-horse trailer full of cans that she needs to take to the recycling center.

In addition to the recycling cans campaign, the two women are also planning a Fit for Cancer event in January to raise money. 

There is also the weekly coaches’ corner, with 10 percent of the sale of items during coaches’ corner going back to the fundraising effort.

Sandoval and Mueller said that cancer is something that is personal for them, as well as everyone, and they hope that their efforts, and the efforts of the student body and staff at Anthon, along with the efforts of other schools, will help the regional cancer center become a reality.

For more information on the programs, please contact Anthon School at 830-591-2988.


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