Construction Underway at Uvalde Memorial Hospital for PET/CT Scan Technology Implementation

 In a continued effort to bring Uvalde and surrounding area residents the best in medical care, construction is currently underway at Uvalde Memorial Hospital (UMH) to prepare for PET/CT imaging.  The area being prepared is located near the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), located off 1025 Garner Field Road and Kessler Drive.


The hospital will soon be using General Electric (GE)’s Discovery ST, a redesigned PET/CT system completely optimized for cancer care.   A  PET/CT scan allows our physicians to view metabolic activity and pinpoint where abnormal lesions are located so that they may target the disease.  PET/CT imaging is used in radiation therapy treatment planning systems. 


 “The Discovery ST is another example of UMH’s commitment to innovation and technology for early disease detection and to supporting physicians in improved diagnosis and treatment,” said Jim Buckner, UMH Administrator.

The PET/CT imaging service will be ready in the next few weeks.  Log on to for updates. 

For more information about the new service, please call the Imaging Department at (830) 278-6251 ext. 1518.