UMH Hosts Annual Volunteer Banquet

May 2, 2018 /


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Uvalde Memorial Hospital (UMH) hosted its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon on April 19 at Uvalde Country Club. Over 100 volunteers from Uvalde Memorial Hospital’s Auxiliary, Uvalde Hospice, and Friends of Uvalde Hospice Thrift Store attended to celebrate the past year’s accomplishments.

UMH auxiliary volunteer Shirley Grigg opened the program with a prayer and hospital CEO, Tom Nordwick, welcomed and thanked all in attendance.

Charla Carter, UMH director of volunteer services, also welcomed everyone and thanked them for their service to the hospital and hospice programs. Carter commended the volunteers for unselfishly giving their time and encouraged everyone in the room to continue to recruit new volunteers.

Carter made a toast to the volunteers who contribute so much to the hospital and the hospice department and who are “All work, and no play!”

Carter highlighted the many hours that each of the organizations give by translating their time into dollar amounts and employee equivalency. The hospice volunteers totaled 2,500 hours within the last year equating to one full time employee. The thrift store accumulated 6,500 hours with their 23 volunteers, which equated to $64,000; and the hospital auxiliary totaled 8,000 hours that translated to $205,000 or 4 full time employees.

Linda Kennedy shared her testimony on her experience with hospice through her late husband and what being a volunteer with the organization means to her now. She began as a volunteer delivering flowers to hospice patients with her granddaughter. Her role has evolved to sitting with patients and their families now too.

Shirley Grigg also shared her thoughts on being a volunteer. She represented the hospital auxiliary and shared inspiring stories about the interactions she has with hospital visitors and patient family members in the gift shop.

Maricela Hernandez from the Friends of Uvalde Hospice Thrift Store also addressed the group. She talked about the wide range of commitments that their volunteers fulfill and the need for donations from the community. She ended by saying, “Volunteers wear working boots but leave a trail of angel footsteps.”

Carter then recognized Shirley Grigg, Glenda Snow, and Linda Hubbard for being the top volunteer for their respective organizations. Grigg had 1,626 hours with the hospital auxiliary, Snow dedicated 970 hours to the hospice program, and Hubbard committed 684 hours to the thrift store. The individuals were presented with gifts as a thank you for their service.

Venesa Davila, thrift store manager, also thanked all of the volunteers for their commitment. She applauded them for their willingness to provide service without expectation of recognition. Davila recognized top volunteers for the Hospice Thrift Store as: Linda Hubbard with 683.5 hours, Ana Rocha with 529.9 hours, and Maricela Hernandez with 452.25 hours. Each recipient was presented with a certificate and a bouquet of roses.

To conclude the luncheon, Davila and thrift store board member Veronica Conoley presented a check for $10,000 to Uvalde Hospice Foundation. The check was received by Nordwick, hospice director Heidi Mathewson, and hospice medical director Sameta Sosa, M.D.

The Uvalde Hospice Foundation was established five years ago and uses funds donated through memorials, raised at the Friends of Hospice Thrift Store, and given by people in the community, to cover the costs of miscellaneous items needed by patients under hospice care. The foundation helps to pay for utility bills, clothing, household items, and any other expense that would help make the patient more comfortable and give them peace of mind during their illness.

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