Uvalde Health Authority Announces Two Additional Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases

Apr 1, 2020 /


Uvalde Health Authority (UHA) has announced two additional confirmed positive cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, in Uvalde County. The two cases are unrelated to one another but both patients were seen in the hospital’s emergency room outdoor patient screening lane. Both individuals were at home in quarantine due to suspected exposure, reported to the emergency room for testing as directed, and returned home for quarantine. Hospital personnel who treated the patients were fully protected by personal protective equipment (PPE). 

“Both cases can be traced to a known positive contact, there is not yet sustained community transmission,” said Dr. Jared Reading with Uvalde Health Authority. 

Although these individuals have both been in quarantine, local and state health teams are already working quickly on contact tracing to reduce risk of further infection within our area. Both patients are being monitored by Uvalde Health Authority.

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