Uvalde Memorial Hospital Scans Halloween Candy for Local Kids

Approximately 60 children got their candy scanned between 7:30-9:00 p.m.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital Scans Halloween Candy for Local Kids

Uvalde Memorial Hospital Diagnostic Technician Johnny Delgado shows kids their candy scans

On October 31, 2011, trick-or-treaters arrived at Uvalde Memorial Hospital as early as 7:30 p.m. to get their candy X-rayed by the Radiology Department.  

Children and parents were greeted in the Radiology Department’s lobby by diagnostic technicians Johnny Delgado, Jesus “Chuy” Flores, and Amanda Miller.  Kids and parents were allowed back in the X-ray room to be able to check out the machine and watch the technicians placed the candy on the scanner.  They were then asked to move into an adjacent room while the candy was scanned.  Once the candy was scanned, they were able to view the image in real-time on a computer screen in the adjacent room.

The scans were performed by the diagnostic technicians on the new Philips Digital Dianost Eleva, a filmless digital X-ray machine and one of the hospital’s latest and greatest pieces of equipment.   Images are acquired with the use of a digital detector and are then sent directly to a computer monitor for immediate viewing.

The scans can pick up metal and glass that contains lead; however, it cannot pick up toxins.

The Radiology department has scanned Halloween candy for the past 25 years.  Because Emergency Department and scheduled patients receive top priority, extra personnel are called in to perform the scans.  The Radiology department staff members always enjoy the interaction with children and parents on their fun-filled night and are happy to be able to perform the scans as a public service. 

The Radiology department staff wishes to thank the parents and children who brought their candy by and participated in the scan.