Advance Directives

Advance Directives are important legal documents designed to help you communicate your wishes about medical treatment. Your family and physician will use these documents to discuss plans for your medical care if, for any reason, you are unable to communicate yourself.

Advance Directives may include a Directive to Physicians, Medical Power of Attorney, or Out of Hospital Do Not Resuscitate. The Directive to Physicians allows you to indicate whether you would want to be put on life support if the need arises. The Medical Power of Attorney allows you to choose 1-3 persons to make your healthcare decisions for you if you were unable to communicate. 

Uvalde Memorial Hospital Social Services/Case Management staff are available to assist you with completion of any of these documents. 

You are encouraged to discuss your values and wishes with your family or chosen spokesperson, as well as your physician. Your physician, other health care provider, or medical institution may provide you with various resources to assist you in completing your advance directive. Select the treatment choices that best reflect your personal preferences and provide a copy of your directive to your physician, usual hospital, and family or spokesperson. 

Consider a periodic review of the document. By periodic review, you can best assure that the directive reflects your current preferences.

For assistance with your advance directive, please call the Social Services Department (830) 278- 6251 ext. 1399.

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