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(When UMH recieves COVID-19 vaccines to be administered to the public, we will follow the State of Texas's guidelines for those eligible to receive the vaccine and will notify the public quickly and efficiently via our Facebook page.)

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Visitor Guidelines 

The Chief of Staff and Chief Medical Officer, along with hospital administration, have decided to update our visitation guidelines in an effort to keep our patients, staff, and community as safe and healthy as possible.


Visitation guidelines currently in effect are:

  • UMH is closed to all visitors. Exceptions are as follows:
    • Visitor(s) of critical and/or dying patients
    • Single parent/guardian of pediatric admissions
    • Single caregiver for patient with deficit in mentation (ex: dementia, delirium, risk of harm to self).
    • Single support person to coordinate transition from hospital to home for a patient that is undergoing anesthesia (see Surgical Departmentbelow).
    • Single support person of an obstetric patient in the process of delivery (see Women’s and Newborns’ Center below).

    Surgical Department: 

    If necessary, one designated support person will be allowed to accompany the patient into the hospital and through the registration process. Upon completion of registration, the support person will be asked to leave and to provide a contact phone number for use as needed by registration or clinical staff.The support person may not accompany patient onto the surgery unit. Exceptions will be made for pediatric, obstetric, and mentally impaired patients. For all other patients, support person will contacted upon completion of the procedure and allowed to be present for the discharge process and instructions.For questions, please call our pre-operative nurse coordinator at (830) 278- 6251 extension 1615.

Women's and Newborns' Center: 

Note that no significant changes have been made to the current visitation policy for this unit. A pregnant patient admitted to deliver her child will be allowed one support person of her choosing into the Women’s and Newborns’ Center on the condition that they are approved for entrance by a Labor and Delivery staff member based on current CDC guidelines which exclude persons with:

  • Contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or travel to a known high-risk area within 10 days.
  • Symptoms of illness based upon updated CDC guidelines within 10 days. 
  • COVID-19 PCR RNA test that is positive within 10 days.

Support persons must be willing to accept testing for COVID 19 by nasal or throat swab per the discretion of hospital staff member. For questions, please call our Women’s and Newborns’ Center at (830) 278- 6251 extension 1121.

COVID-19 Hotline 

Community members may call UMH’s local hotline for questions or concerns regarding COVID-19. The hotline will provide callers with options for accurate and up-to-date resources on COVID-19, information on COVID-19 symptoms, and detailed information on testing information. If the caller meets testing requirements, the individual then has the ability to talk to a registered nurse for additional information and instructions if testing is needed. COVID-19 Hotline: (830) 407-8021

Emergency Room Temporary Entrance 

Patients visiting the UMH emergency room will be temporarily re-routed from the main emergency room entrance, normally on the east side of the hospital. At this time, patients will enter for emergency care from Puccini Road, on the west side of the hospital, onto Kessler Drive. From Kessler Drive the patient will follow directional signage and proceed to an emergency room patient screening lane. At the screening point, the patient will be asked screening questions and be triaged for respiratory symptoms and fever. Following that assessment, the patient will be routed to the necessary treatment area.

Hospital Entrances 

  • The Registration Lobby entrance will be the only entrance open for visitors and patients to enter and exit the facility. All patients and visitors will be screened before entering. 
  • Employees will use a badge-access designated entrance on the west side of the hospital upon arrival and departure and will be screened before entering and leaving the building. 
  • The Garner Field Road entrance, by the Gift Shop, will be closed. 

Visitor & Patient Parking 

  • Visitor and patient parking will be located on the east side of the hospital off of Kessler Drive by the Registration Lobby entrance.

Outpatient Services 

  • Out-patient departments will be limiting the number of patients in waiting rooms and treatment areas as necessary for social distancing purposes. Patients visiting out-patient areas like the Wound Care Center, the Rehabilitation Center, the Specialty Clinic, and Uvalde Medical & Surgical Associates will receive a call prior to their appointment if these changes will affect their visit in any way. 

Ancillary Services 

  • Social Services: Social Services will be temporarily relocated to the financial counselor’s office in the registration lobby. We encourage individuals with an appointment to complete their appointment by phone if at all possible by calling 830-278-6251 ext. 1309. 
  • Medical Records: All medical record related services will be completed via phone. Please call 830-278-6251 ext. 1164 or 1159 for requests or more information. 
  • Medicaid: The Medicaid caseworker will be taking appointments via phone only at 830-278-6251 ext. 1181.

COVID-19 Testing Patients

Patients that meet qualifications for testing for COVID-19 will be directed through the testing process by their physician’s office. Individuals should not report to the emergency room without consulting with their physician first or calling the emergency room prior to their arrival. If testing is needed, the patient will be given instructions by their physician or the emergency room.

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