Patient and Family Information

To best serve you, we have compiled information for you that might be helpful while you or a loved one is staying at Uvalde Memorial Hospital. We want to provide you with a very good experience and hope that the following information helps do just that. If any of your questions are not answered here, please view our Patient Information Handbook.

Patient Satisfaction

OR PrepPatient satisfaction is a high priority at Uvalde Memorial Hospital.  In an effort to understand how to better serve our patients, we send out patient satisfaction surveys asking patients to evaluate the care they received during their visit.  All patients who receive inpatient services will receive a survey. Patients who receive outpatient services will be selected at random to to recieve a similar survey evaluation our services.  We kindly ask that you complete the survey and return it to us.  The survey provides us with direct feedback and allows us the opportunity to improve our services based on your experience.