Patient's Responsibilites

Your healthcare is a cooperative effort among you, your physician and the hospital staff. In addition to your rights, it is expected you will assume the following responsibilities to the best of your abillity.

  • Following the hospital rules as explained to you.
  • Providing a complete and accurate medical history when requested.
  • Participating in developing your treatment plan and educational opportunities.
  • Following the treatment plan recommended by your physician. 
  • Notifying the physician or other health professionals if you should decide not to follow the recommended treatment plan.
  • The outcome should you choose not to follow the recommended treatment plan.
  • Telling the physician or nurse if you do not understand the recommended treatment plan.
  • Reporting changes in your condition to your physician or nurse.
  • Discussing pain management with your physician or nurse.
  • Making your needs and wishes know to your physician or nurse.
  • Providing a copy of your Advance Directive to the hospital.
  • Following the hospital’s visitor policy.
  • Being considerate of other patients, hospital staff, and property.
  • Observing the hospital’s no smoking policy.
  • Assuring all financial obligations for your health care are met.
  • Providing correct insurance information to the hospital.