Patient Registration

RegistrationTo ensure an efficient and hassle-free appointment, please bring the following items with you when registering:

  • Your current insurance card (need subscriber's name, date of birth, and Social Security number)
  • Guarantor or employer's information (name, address, & phone number)
  • Physician order forms (Physician ordering test must be Texas State Board Certified)
  • Social Security number or card
  • Picture ID with current address (Driver's License or State ID)
  • A list of current prescription or over-the-counter medications you are taking, including the dose and frequency
  • Copy of Advance Directive (only if patient is being admitted, having a surgery/outpatient procedure or is an OB outpatient)


If you have questions or concerns, please call (830) 278-6251. 


Did you know patients can pre-register over the phone or in person?

Pre-registration is recommended for patients with scheduled procedures (ex: CT, MRI, mammogram, sonogram, and day surgery) or outpatient procedures (ex: EGD, blood transfusions, chemo, cath and labs).

The Registration department encourages patients to pre-register over the phone or in person.  Pre-registration means patients can either come in or call in and register days or hours in advance of their procedure. That way, when patients come in for their procedure, they can just stop by the Information desk and be escorted to the department they need to go to.

To pre-register in person, patients must present a form of identification (license or picture ID), their insurance card, and doctor’s orders.  Patients utilizing the phone registration option must provide their name, insurance information, and the name of physician ordering the procedure. Upon arrival at UMH, they must stop by Registration to present a physical copy of doctor’s orders and identification and sign their registration paperwork.

Credit card payments are also accepted for those patients who will pay out of pocket. 

To pre-register, please call (830) 278-6251. 


Please keep in mind...

We make every effort to remain on schedule.  However, due to hospital emergencies and other unforeseen events, we occasionally experience delays.  If this occurs, we ask for your patience and cooperation and appreciate your understanding.