Emergency Department

ERUvalde Memorial Hospital has the capabilities to treat or stabilize major traumas and provide transfer to a facility with a higher level of care if necessary. Our Emergency Department staff is certified in advanced cardiac and trauma training to provide exceptional care and allow our patients access to a designated Level IV trauma center.  Uvalde Memorial Hospital is committed to providing you quality care.

 We understand that in an emergency situation a patient and their family are very anxious to be seen as quickly as possible and we do our very best to ensure they are. In our Emergency Department, patients are triaged and treated according to severity of illness or injury in order to provide the best care possible. Our goals are to find the cause of your problem and control symptoms.  Uvalde Memorial Hospital closely works with helicopter transfer as we have access to 3 helicopter services and an on-site helipad to ensure safe and efficient transfer of patients who require a higher level of care. In addition, we work closely with numerous ground ambulance services in Uvalde and the surrounding areas to provide another means of safe transportation for patients.


*For more detailed information regarding our Emergency Department, please view Patient Information.