LabThe lab offers the following services:

  • Immunohematolgy (Blood Bank) – This service determines the patient’s blood type for OB patients, and blood transfusion for patients needing blood units, platelets, cryoprecipitate and/or fresh frozen plasma (treatment for anemias, large blood loss, etc.).
  • Blood pH and Gases – This service analyzes the patient’s arterial blood (oxygenated blood) which determines the concentration of oxygen, pH and carbon dioxide. In addition, a carboxyhemoglobin which determines the concentration of carbon monoxide. These special testing helps our physicians determine the best type if care for our patients.
  • Clinical Chemistry (general chemistry) – This service basically covers from complete metabolic panels which tests the status of the kidneys, heart, diabetes, patient salt content, drugs of abuse, hemoglobin A1c, lipid profiles, liver, iron profile, therapeutic drugs (Vancomycin, gentamycin, digoxin, dilantin and valproic acid), Urine chemistry, and body fluids.
  • Diagnostic Immunology (Special Chemistry) – This service is to determine heart enzymes (heart attacks), BHCG (the stage of an unborn child), anemia (vitamin B12/folate), hepatitis profile (Hep A,B,C), CEA, PSA (cancer antigens), HIV 1&2, and thyroid (tsh/ft4).
  • Diagnostic Serology – This service screens for flu type a or b, hcg (pregnancy testing), mono (kissing disease infectious mononucleosis), rpr (screens for syphilis) , rheumatoid factor (arthritis) , rubella (chicken pox), rsv (virus of a child), strep a (strep throat), fetal fironectin (FFN determines if the water sac broke), Clo Test (assess surgical biopsy of the stomach for helicobacter pylori which causes ulcers) and parasites.
  • Hematology – This service performs a complete blood count (CBC) which helps physicians determine if a patient is anemic (chronic and acute bleeding and lack of production of RBC, cancer of the blood (lymphoma, leukemia), bacterial/viral infections, etc.
  • Coagulation – This service performs protime (coumadin therapy), partial thrombin time (heparin therapy, and screens for other coagulation deficiency processes that may occur), DDimer (deep vein thrombosis e.g. clot in the large vein of a patient’s leg).
  • Urinalysis (UA) – This service analyzes the chemistry and sediment of urine. It helps determine urinary tract infections, kidney disease states, crystal, parasites (trichomonas), etc.
  • Microbiology – Culture wounds, fluids, stool, urine and basically every part of the human body you could think of. This service determines the type of the organism present and provides a list of antibiotics which will and will not kill the bacteria. Helps physicians determine the right antibiotic which is causing the infection.
  • Phlebotomy Services – This service is performed by a highly trained individual and involves collecting both venous & arterial blood on patients. Special therapeutic phlebotomy services on patients who over produce blood (e.g. polycythemia vera).
  • Frozen Sections – A pathologist reviews certain tissues (breast, colon biopsy) to determine if patient has cancer. Pathologist is in close collaboration with surgeon.
  • Urine and Breath Alcohol Testing – The lab offers urine collection and processing and breath alcohol testing under contract basis only for the Department of Transportation.


 Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 7:30PM

*To schedule an appointment, please call 830-278-6251 ext. 1140.