Therapy Services


Uvalde Memorial Hospital offers physical and speech therapy. For patients who need rehabilitation, we provide quality therapy in a convenient location that means less time away from family or time off from work. Even patients who have been hospitalized in San Antonio following a major surgery or illness may be able to have their rehabilitation done at UMH on an outpatient basis or as an inpatient, so ask your doctor if this option is right for you. Our program provides and evaluation and treatment plan for each patient.

The physical therapy department is staffed by well qualified, experienced physical therapists and physical therapist assistants licensed to practice in the state of Texas.  Non-licensed supportive staff are extensively trained and directly supervised at all times. We have a speech language pathologist licensed by the state of Texas to provide speech therapy. In addition, our friendly admitting office staff are very knowledgeable in insurance coverage and reimbursement criteria and assist all of our patients in obtaining any required preauthorization for service. They are also available to answer insurance and billing questions throughout your time with us.

We offer specialized services such as:


Basic Orthotics

Involves splinting (positioning) to correct deformities caused by neurologic and orthopedic problems.

Employment Testing

The WorkSTEPS program offers comprehensive job analysis and employment testing programs for local employers.

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Passive, active and resistance exercise, including a well equipped gym, balance and vestibular rehabilitation, coordination exercises, and back stabilization training.  Also provided are upper extremity gross endurance mobility, retraining for fine motor deficits, hand therapy, and facilitation of neuromuscular rehabilitation.

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External Supports

Includes supportive devices and materials such as Ace wraps, pressure garments, splints, corsets, slings, supportive strapping.  The therapist is responsible for recognizing the need for measuring and applying correctly any such materials.  The patient/family will be instructed in proper application, use, and care of external supports and signs of improper pressure.  The therapist is also responsible for intervening appropriately at signs of improper fit or function.

Gait Training

Emphasis includes patients with neurologic involvement (Closed Head Injury, Cerebral Vascular Accident, Spinal Cord Injury), amputations, and the use of adaptive equipment.

Industrial Rehab

Involves functional capacity evaluation, back school, body mechanics education, job analysis, and work conditioning. 

Isokinetic Testing & Rehabilitation

Provides our patients with assessments of physical impairments to allow for a fast, effective, documented return to daily function.  This system is unusually sensitive to a patient’s limits.


We offer various modalities including ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrical stimulation, hot and cold packs, paraffin, iontophoreses, tilt table, mechanical traction, diathermy, whirlpool, massage and lymphedema therapy.

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Prosthetic Training

Includes instruction to patient/family in applying of prosthesis, care of residual limb and prosthesis, training to ensure proper use of the prosthesis in ambulatory and/or other functional activities, educating patient/family to recognize adverse reactions to wearing a prosthesis, and monitoring prosthetic fit and function.

Pain Management

We help manage your pain through the use of various modalities that decrease a patient's pain level or increase their tolerance to pain.

Spinal Conditioning

Emphasis is placed on specific strengthening exercises for various spinal disorders.

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Speech Therapy

A range of speech therapy services for patients of all ages.

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*For more detailed information regarding our therapy services, please view Patient Information.

Rehabilitation Department

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