UMH Auxiliary Donates New Crash Carts

The Uvalde Memorial Hospital Auxiliary members present a donation of two new emergency crash carts to Uvalde Memorial Hospital cardiopulmonary manager Felisha Tinker and materials manager Santos Diaz.

The UMH Auxiliary voted to donate $5,200 for the cost of emergency adult and pediatric crash carts at their October meeting. Auxiliary members presented a check to cardiopulmonary manager Felisha Tinker, who thanked the organization for its continued support. The carts were ordered directly and put into service on November 30th. The cardiopulmonary team and the auxiliary were able to showcase the new carts at the Auxiliary’s annual Christmas Tea held for UMH staff.

“Thank you for your continued generous support of Uvalde Memorial Hospital. Our auxiliary is a group of dedicated volunteers who care deeply about this community and the staff of UMH. Their contribution of an adult and pediatric crash cart will allow clinical staff to transport lifesaving supplies and equipment quickly and safely to a cardiac or respiratory emergency scene within the hospital. This will allow the nurses and doctors to monitor patients more effectively,” said Felisha Tinker, cardiopulmonary manager.

The two new carts will be integral to a hospital exchange crash cart program. If there were no additional carts, it would take several hours to clean and restock an adult crash cart when one was used. The new carts will now allow one always to be stocked, prepared, and exchanged with another, saving valuable time, and allowing for better preparedness.

The UMH Auxiliary is no stranger to providing funds for hospital equipment. The auxiliary has donated over $380,000 through the years to purchase new equipment, including another crash cart for the cardiopulmonary department early this year.

The Uvalde Memorial Auxiliary raises money through annual fund-raisers, Christmas Tea, jewelry, and scrub sales. They also run the hospital gift shop, and all proceeds go toward the hospital.

In addition to their work in the gift shop, they assist patients and their family members in the main lobby. Auxiliary volunteers also help throughout the hospital, including being there for patients in times of need and helping with wheelchair transport.

For more information about the Uvalde Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and upcoming events, call Beth Sanders, Volunteer Coordinator, at (830) 278-6251 ext. 1501.